Jerà "Isola Sacra"

There are many legends about Vulcano and Vulcanello. 
Hephaestus, a mighty giant, was very jealous of his wife, the glittering Venus. To calm his torments, he had made weave a net of fine gold, almost invisible, which had hung in the top of the thalamus. With the wobbling motion, the net fell on the bed and caught two lovers, Venus and Mars, the God of war. Hephaestus dragged in front of Jupiter, the net with the two culprits, naked. Jupiter, surrounded by other Gods of Olympus who run curious, laughed, explaining that it has already happened, and the love is not a crime. 
Aeolus gestured to humans the guise of having contacts with the dead, exposing themselves to the caress of the wind. Even now, a mother called the little children in the farmyard, because “grandfather wants to pet them”. Only with the gentleness of a breeze that touches your face, you may understand that your distant and unknown ancestor loves you. 
The Gods, when any hero or wise man or writer prematurely had died transformed his spirit into an animal, so he could up the right age, to be closer to his family and his belongings. 
There is an ancient story "that one fisherman was singing in the sea accompanied by the guitar. One fish jumped overboard and started dancing on the boat. Then it suddenly jumped into the sea and disappeared. A ship sank to the bottom. In front of one farmer appeared seven people, including the captain. They told, "here we have to say seven masses and we need to construct a little church (votive shrine)”. When the farmer did so, the seven returned and said, "now we are happy in peace" and disappeared.” 
If you go at night to swim in the pool or in the sea, you could see the white vapours, dancing, as if they were human, and maybe you could meet a love ceased or deceased. 
These islands were used by pirates as a landing place and shelter. There are many legends that were born by their presence how they dreamed under the sky, which has always many stars and how they will find the hidden treasures. The mediums have questioned the souls of the islands, they responded, stating the impossibility of finding buried treasure, because the sites were protected by the most faithful guardians. They are certainly the great masses of volcanic rock that covered forever the hopes of researchers with an incredible and impressive amount of collapsed material.